Specializing in natural foods

We carefully chose only the best products from the best companies. We truly believe that the closer food can be to its natural form, the healthier it is. 

We have everything from raw fermented goats milk to Green Juju to bone broth!

We sell Raw food, dehydrated, home-cooked, baked, and freeze dried foods

 We sell real food as close to its natural state as we can get.

We will help you add fresh ingredients to any diet to increase health and decrease risk for disease

Products for BOTH dogs and cats

We've made sure to carry products for both dogs and cats in all the forms. We have a special selection of food and supplements to ensure your pets optimum health!

Want to make your own food? We can help!

Whether you want a mix, or just the components we can help you make homecooked food a simple easy process. 

Boneless meats with appropriate amounts of organs, as well as multivitamins, veg mixes, omega fatty acids and calcium sources!

Some of the Raw Food companies we carry:

BC made: Red Dog Blue Cat, 3P Naturals, Pets Go Raw, Natural Instincts, Subzero

Canadian made: Carnivora, Mega Dog, Bold Raw, K9 Choice, Naturawls

American Made: Primal, Northwest Naturals, Stella and Chewy

Llama, rabbit, goat oh my!

We also have a large variety of single protein exotic meats, bones, foods and treats. We know just how hard allergies and sensitivities can be!
Elk knuckles, bison bully sticks, llama and kangaroo leg bones to name a few